YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN OUR “BIG” STOKVEL and become a part owner in a number of sustainable & profitable business entities.

  • “BIG” will search for & identify suitable business opportunities to acquire or to invest in on behalf of the Stokvel Members and produce investment information which will be available exclusively to all Stokvel members online.
  • Stokvel Members may view the various business opportunities online and select which opportunities they are interested to invest in.
  • Once a member decided to invest into a specific business or a selection of businesses together with other Stokvel members, the member simply select the businesses and decide how much money he/she want to invest.
  • The funds you invest will be used to purchase shares in a company that will be set up specifically for the business you have selected to invest in together with other Stokvel members.
  • There is no Maximum limit to how much you can invest except that no member will be allowed to have more than 20% shares in any given business.
  • This means you can be a shareholder and part owner of one business or many businesses and thereby spread your risk.
  • The investment in shares opportunity will be both limited and exclusive meaning it will only be available to Stokvel members.
  • Should you purchase shares in a business you will receive a Shareholders Agreement.
  • You will receive share certificates for the shares you own in each entity.
  • The shares in each business opportunity will be normal ordinary shares in a private company registered in South Africa.
  • An individual legal entity is registered for every business that we collectively invest in.
  • The minimum investment period is generally 5 years but it will differ from investment to investment.
  • Should you decide to sell your shares within the 5 year period you will get back what you invested plus growth minus a 10% handling/admin fee.
  • The business will be valued annually and the new share price determined which will show the growth that you have achieved.
  • This means that the better we manage the business during the initial 5 years the better for all.
  • Pay outs are made to you as interest against your loan account in the form of Dividends.
  • You get monthly reports on the business performance that will keep you up to date.
  • You are therefore purely an investor wanting a good return on your investment.
  • We manage the business and ensure you get paid your return.


  • Cash flow

  • Stock in trade

  • Operating costs

  • Eventualities

  • Management fees

  • Centralised administration

  • You can invest whatever you can afford minimum investment is R200 & No Maximum.

  • You can withdraw your investment at any time provided you have not used it to purchase shares.

  • Once you purchased shares and you want your funds back, you will have to sell your shares to turn it into cash. We will help you with this.


  • Spreading of risk through collaboration.
  • Share in wealth creation through innovative investment practice.
  • You have no managerial input, It is done on your behalf.
  • You can invest in many different businesses at the same time.
  • You may sell your shares at any time.
  • Less Capital required to own a business = less exposure.
  • No Debt .. we don’t borrow funds we use our collective Stokvel funding.
  • The business and its assets itself is offered as security for your investment.
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